Front Counter Safety Training & Audits

Reception staff are the face of your organisation. Make sure they are equipped to stay safe.

Front Counter Safety Training & Audits

Reception staff are the face of your organisation. Make sure they are equipped to stay safe.

Front counter and reception staff often serve as the initial point of contact with the public. CERT's Front Counter Safety Training equips participants with the expertise and abilities to ensure their safety while engaging effectively and professionally with the public in these areas.

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Why invest in training for your front line staff?

Enhanced staff safety: Staff have the appropriate knowledge and skills to keep themselves, other staff and other people at the facility safe.

More confident and effective staff: Staff are empowered with the knowledge and skills to handle ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’ people which enhances their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Enhanced security of property and assets: Appropriate training of staff combined with a safety and security review of the physical layout of the publicly accessible areas of your facility increases not only the safety of people but also the security of your assets.

Meeting your organisations legal and moral obligations to provide a safe working environment: Not only are you fulfilling your legal obligations under Health and Safety legislation to provide a safe working environment, you are also fulfilling your moral obligations as a good employer to ensure you are keeping your staff safe and healthy.

Who is this training for?

Anyone who works within a front counter / reception area.

What does the training cover?

This training takes principles and techniques from our Situational Safety and Tactical Communications-related training and tailors them for staff working in a front counter / reception environment.

Participants will develop knowledge and skills in a range of areas including:

  • How to develop a 'situational safety mindset'
  • The first rule of dealing with the public
  • The importance of and how to improve our 'situational awareness'
  • Principles of tactical (‘effective’) communications to enhance their communications effectiveness generally
  • The law around Trespass
  • How to effectively manage difficult people using the AWOCA process
  • How to position themselves in any setting or environment to maximise their safety
  • Effective de-escalation techniques
  • How to safely withdraw or disengage from an unsafe situation or aggressive person

Many of the skills participants will learn on this course will enhance their safety and communications effectiveness in ALL aspects of their lives, professional and personal.

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