Interacting with others in a safe, effective, and professional manner, particularly within regulatory or potentially conflict-prone settings, demands specialised knowledge and skills.

CERT provides a comprehensive array of courses designed for individuals in front-line roles, equipping them with proven skills, techniques, and tools to ensure their safety on physical, emotional, and legal fronts. Feel free to reach out to us for information about our foundational courses and industry-specific programs tailored to various sectors.

Situational Safety & Tactical Communications

CERT's Situational Safety and Tactical Communications (SSTC) course is our foundation programme, instilling the mindset and skills necessary for staff to engage and interact with the public in an effective, professional, and above all, safe manner. This course has been tailored to the specific needs of a range of sectors including health care, retail, education as well as for compliance and enforcement staff.

Compliance & Investigation Skills

CERT's Compliance and Investigation Skills (CIS) training equips compliance personnel with a variety of hands-on skills, enabling them to fulfil their roles professionally and effectively. These skills encompass tasks such as note-taking, evidence collection, and presenting testimony in a court of law.

Front Counter Safety Training

CERT offers a one-day Front Counter Safety Training course tailored for individuals who engage with the public at reception or front counter areas. The course addresses crucial topics, including the assessment of potential risks within your environment, the cultivation of a 'safety mindset’ and dealing with difficult or abusive customers.'

Accessible Training Options

Our open courses provide accessible training solutions for organisations with limited staff or individuals looking to enhance their skills.

CERT's Comprehensive Online training Options

Training can be delivered either face-to-face or via online learning. Online content can be customised to your organisation and for the challenges your people face.

Designed to engage as well as educate, CERT’s online offering can provide the ideal solution for organisations that need to maximise time available for training.