Firearms Safety Audit and Training

Learn how we provide expert guidance and auditing services to ensure safe firearm usage, covering everything from policy development to storage and operational deployment protocols.

Firearms carry an inherent potential risk for organisations whose personnel are required to use them in the course of their duties.

The best way to mitigate the potential risks is through comprehensive policies and procedures combined with appropriate training by instructors who have been qualified Police firearms instructors.

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Why engage in Firearms Safety training?

Increased safety

Appropriate training in the safe storage, handling and operational use of firearms reduces the risk of harm to staff and other people.

Enhanced Staff Competence & Confidence

Staff required to use firearms will have the knowledge and skills to be competent and confident in their use making them safer and more effective.

reduced liability or "Bad Press"

By ensuring you have appropriate policies and procedures in place and staff are appropriately trained and are following those polices and procedures means you are meeting your legal obligations (reduced legal liability) as well as reducing the chances of things going wrong which of course can have reputational implications.

CERT Systems can assist with every aspect of safe firearm use – from policy and standard operating procedures to storage, carriage, safe transportation and use.

Our expertise allows your organisation to minimise potential risks to safety and the organisation's reputation through the inappropriate use of firearms, such as an unintentional discharge or inappropriate use.

Firearms safety audit processes

CERT trainers interview every employee within your organisation who uses firearms to establish their knowledge and skills around the safe use of firearms and your organisation's policies and procedures.

We review your organisation's documentation relating to policies and procedures for the use of firearms and make recommendations where appropriate how these can be improved.

We review the storage and transportation systems, including ensuring firearms are correctly recorded, stored, maintained, transported and signed in / out when used.

Firearms Training

Safe handling, transportation and use of firearms. Our firearms training covers all aspects of the safe and appropriate use of firearms including:

  • General principles of safe use
  • The seven golden rules of firearms safety
  • Pre-deployment inspections
  • Safe handling procedures
  • Firearm familiarisation (specific to the firearm systems your organisation uses)
  • Safe loading and unloading drills
  • Principles of marksmanship
  • Safe firing zones and environmental considerations
  • Cleaning and maintenance

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