Specialised Training Courses

Resilience & Wellbeing Training

The implications of negative stress on individuals and communities can be profound. Stressors can come in all shapes and sizes, and from a number of sources.

Providing staff with the knowledge to recognise and deal with these stressors can have huge benefits for staff and the wider organisation.

CERT’s Enhancing your Well-being: Strategies for Managing Stress and Building Resilience programme combines online learning with the option of a face-to-face workshop to give staff strategies to effectively manage and ultimately minimise negative stress in their lives.

Everyone has the capacity to be resilient and there are ways to become more resilient. This course will help people develop those skills.

Armed Robbery Response Course

This four hour face-to-face course is designed to provide staff with the knowledge and skills to enable them to safely respond to being involved in a (armed) robbery incident.

The course teaches staff how to physically respond during and immediately after the incident as well as what emotional effects they may experience (during, immediately after and longer-term) and how to cope with these.

The training is a combination of presentations and practical exercises covering how to respond while a robbery is taking place, how to enhance your observation and memory skills, what steps to take immediately after the event and understanding the post-incident physical and emotional responses you are likely to experience.

Understanding Dog Behaviour Workshops

If your job takes you on to properties or in public places where you might encounter dogs – particularly aggressive ones – you need to understand how dogs work.

This 4 hour face to face workshop has been developed by an experienced Animal Management Officer with over 20 years’ experience, to help staff understand and appropriately respond to dog behaviour.

Skills covered include how to recognise if a dog may be present, their behaviour patterns, interpreting their body language, the right way to respond to displays of aggression and appropriate techniques to communicate safely with dogs.

This workshop has been delivered to a wide range of organisations, including the SPCA, throughout New Zealand.

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