Consultancy & Advice

Ensuring your properties, systems, policies and procedures are first class

First-class organisations understand the importance of implementing the right policies, adhering to best practices, and placing safety at the forefront of workplace design

CERT offers a range of consultancy services to ensure you have the right structures, policies and procedures and that they are being implemented appropriately.

Often, having someone independent review your organisation brings a fresh perspective. Or in the case of a workplace investigation or incident review, having an outside view is imperative.

Whether you require a safety review of your reception area design, assistance with school lockdown procedures and training, guidance in policy development, or a review of operational activities our experienced staff possess the knowledge and skills to assist you.

Specific services include:

  • Front Counter Safety Reviews
  • Training needs analysis
  • Operational policy and procedure review / development
  • Firearm safety audits
  • Incident reviews and workplace investigations
  • Duress alarm / lockdown procedures
  • Offence file reviews
  • Compliance framework development

Comprehensive Guidance & Expertise

Our offerings extend to advisory, design, and development services for both regulatory frameworks and staff career pathways. Our seasoned specialists collaborate with you to eliminate the uncertainty associated with identifying areas for enhancement and prioritising corrective measures. Recognising the unique nature of each workplace, we commence by actively listening and then recommend the most tailored approach to suit your specific requirements.

Wide-Ranging Expertise Across Multiple Sectors

Our team provides adept guidance and consultancy across a multitude of sectors, including law enforcement, local and central government, retail, education, and healthcare. Our extensive experience encompasses diverse areas, from enhancing staff performance to conducting workplace safety audits, and from refining school shooting and lockdown procedures to comprehensive firearms safety audits.

Workplace Safety Audit

Are your public facing areas safe and fit for purpose? We can review your sites and make recommendations to ensure your staff are kept safe when dealing with the public.

Policy Development

When you need robust policies that ensure the safety and effectiveness of your staff. Or if you need specific advice on anything from school lockdown procedures to safe firearms handling.

Needs Analysis & Competency

If you need assistance to identify gaps in capabilities and resources; help to improve competencies and build teams; or an independent view on complaints, we have the expertise to help.

Our Advisory Services

Our services cover a wide spectrum of health and safety solutions. We provide thorough analysis and recommendations to mitigate specific risks that staff encounter in their daily roles. Additionally, we consult on and project manage organisational capability development, ensuring your team is equipped to excel in their tasks. Our expertise extends to auditing and designing safe front counter and reception areas, as well as conducting needs analysis for public-facing staff. We are also well-versed in audit and policy development for safe firearm handling within your organisation.

In the realm of education and training, we excel in school lockdown procedures, including reviews and development, accompanied by staff and student training. Our competency framework development services enable the creation of effective learning and development programs. We provide support for performance management systems to enhance staff capabilities, as well as customised team-building workshops designed to meet your unique objectives.

In the realm of compliance and regulation, we offer independent complaint investigation services. We specialise in regulatory framework development, tailored to help you achieve specific outcomes. Whether you seek to ensure staff safety, develop capabilities, or meet regulatory requirements, our creative agency is equipped to deliver comprehensive and effective solutions.

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