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CERT - Situational Training, Advice & Safety Gear

Industries Served

Central Government

Local Government



Corporate & Retail


Other Industries

Local Government


CERT delivers training to in excess of 40 Local Government / Councils (City / District / Regional).

While this training was initially focused on Regulatory groups within Councils, increasingly we are delivering training to ‘non regulatory’ teams such as front counter / administration staff, Library staff, Aquatic / Leisure centre staff. This is due to the recognition that the skills we teach are applicable to any interaction between a staff member and member of the public – irrespective of the nature of the interaction.

Popular courses include:

  • Situational Safety and Tactical Communications
  • Front Counter Safety Training
  • General Compliance and Enforcement Skills
  • Dog behaviour and awareness
  • Operational leadership
  • Bite stick skills
  • Patrol vessel operating
  • (Armed) Robbery response training


CERT supplies our full range of products and equipment to Local Government / Councils including:

  • Body worn video cameras
  • Stab resistant vests
  • ID wallets
  • Notebooks
  • Bite sticks
  • Uniform items
  • Duty equipment


CERT provides a full range of consultancy services to Central Government / National organisations including;

  • Training needs analysis
  • Operational deployment models
  • Compliance models
  • Operational health and safety reviews
  • Independent incident and complaint investigation
  • Front counter / reception area safety assessments