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CERT - Situational Training, Advice & Safety Gear

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The health sector can be a very challenging environment to engage with people within. Emotions are high. Drugs and alcohol are significant risk factors. Friends and family members are stressed. Smoke free environments cause frustration. Mental health issues are prevalent. Potential weapons are readily available.

CERT’s training will provide your staff with the knowledge and skills to enable them to safely, effectively and professionally deal with people and situations – especially the ‘challenging’ ones.

Relevant CERT training courses for the health sector include:

  • Situational safety
  • Tactical communications
  • Leadership

CERT delivers situational safety and tactical communications training nationally to Ministry of Health staff and within the Wellington region to Wellington Free Ambulance Officers.


CERT supplies the following products and equipment to the Health sector including:

  • Body worn video cameras
  • Stab / strike resistant vests
  • Notebooks
  • Uniform items
  • Duty equipment