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Body Worn Video

CERT Systems is Australasian distributor for Reveal Media, makers of the RS2-X2 and RS2-X2L Body Worn Video Cameras and Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) Software System.

This product is a body worn video and audio recording device that is designed to record interactions between staff and members of the public.

The RS2-X2 and longer battery and recording life RS2-X2L model feature unique forward facing screens the public can clearly see they are being recorded, providing a strong deterrent against inappropriate behaviour.

Benefits of Body Worn Video

  • Safer staff

  • Reduced defended hearings / increased guilty pleas

  • Cost / time savings

  • Reduced complaints

  • Enhanced staff professionalism

Body worn cameras are quickly becoing 'the norm' for compliance and enforcement related organisations, both here in New Zealand and across the world.

The NZ Department of Corrections has recently purchased in excess of 800 Reveal body worn cameras for use in prisons across the country due to the positive impacts they have on the behaviour of prisoners. In excess of 20 Local Government Councils are now using Reveal cameras to keep their staff safe as well as enjoy the other benefits the technology offers.

​Download an information document on Reveal body worn cameras here


Simplicity, versatility and toughness 

Each camera features a fully articulated camera head which means it can be easily adjusted to allow users of any height and body shape to always be recording exactly what they see, as well as allowing it to be used handheld, in car or table top. Our unique one-touch red sliding switch turns the camera recording on or off in one quick and simple action, no matter what situation you may be in and even if you’re wearing gloves. The cameras are rated, fully weather proof and designed for use in confrontational environments.


Efficient data collection, management and security 

Users are able to bookmark videos as ‘evidential’ at the time of recording, or whilst still in the field when reviewing footage on screen, which saves officer time by removing the need to search through footage on the system later. Specifically designed for law enforcement, users are not able to delete or overwrite footage on the camera. Each video has the date and time stamped on every frame, a tamper proof digital fingerprint and encryption which prevents the videos being visible on unauthorised computers. 


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