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General Compliance and Enforcement

Compliance and enforcement officers activities are specialised in nature. Through courses customised to your requirements, our professional workplace trainers will ensure your team have the specialist knowledge and practical skills required to be fully competent and confident in their roles.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Enhanced staff confidence and competence. Frontline employees have the compliance and enforcement skills required for optimal handling of interactions with the public.
  • Improved effectiveness: Employees are more effective because they understand the specific requirements of operating within the compliance and enforcement sector.
  • Improved results. Your employees deliver the right outcomes and can prove they were operating within the law, because information  and evidence is correctly gathered, managed and presented. 
  • Reduced complaints. The public will feel they have been treated fairly and with respect, making them less likely to lodge a formal complaint or go to the media.
  • Improved perception of your organisation. Your people are trained to be lawful, effective and professional compliance and enforcement officers, which reflects well on your organisation.

Who’s this training for?

General compliance and enforcement training is essential for employees required to enforce rules, regulations and laws. We also provide courses designed for team leaders, supervisors and managers of people in compliance and enforcement roles.

What training is available?

Training can be customised from the following suite of courses. Most of our compliance and enforcement training courses include the following topics; however you are welcome to choose the topics you require:

  • Operating within the regulatory environment / framework
  • Exercising enforcement powers
  • Gathering and recording information (the use of notebooks and recording devices)
  • Identifying, gathering and managing evidence
  • Report writing
  • Operational planning
  • Interview skills (basic and advanced)
  • Case file preparation and management
  • Giving evidence in Court

These can be delivered as stand alone subjects or within or as part of a programme of learning, tailored to fit within your operational demands.


Optional assessment for NZQA qualifications

By adding relevant NZQA assessments to your course, the topics above can individually or collectively contribute to NZQA unit standards or complete qualifications. We are approved providers of NZQA training and assessment in these areas. Without the assessments you’ll still cover the same content and gain the same competencies. It’s up to you.

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