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CERT - Situational Training, Advice & Safety Gear

Industries Served

Central Government

Local Government



Corporate & Retail


Other Industries

Corporate & Retail


CERT was originally created as a result of requests from Government (Central and Local) for effective and appropriate training for their staff.

There is an increasing awareness that the skills we teach are applicable to anyone who deals or interacts with other people, irrespective of the nature of the interaction or who / which organisation you represent.

Effective communications is effective communications no matter what the setting. Situational Safety is situational safety no matter what the situation is or where it is taking place.

As a result of this CERT is increasingly delivering our situational safety, tactical communications and front counter safety training to corporate clients who want to ensure their staff are as prepared as possible to be able to safely, effectively and professionally deal with situations / people they encounter.

Corporate clients include;

  • Carter Holt Harvey
  • Fonterra
  • The Warehouse
  • TSB Bank
  • Funeral Directors
  • Security companies

Relevant courses include:

  • Situational safety
  • Tactical communications
  • Front counter safety training
  • (Armed) Robbery response training
  • Effective report writing
  • Operational / frontline leadership
  • Dog behaviour and awareness (for staff who enter onto properties)


CERT supplies the following products to our corporate clients:

  • Body worn video cameras
  • ResQMe safety tools
  • Stab resistant vests
  • Notebooks
  • Uniform items


CERT offers a full range of consultancy services to corporate clients including;

  • Training needs analysis
  • Operational health and safety reviews
  • Independent incident and complaint investigation
  • Front counter / reception area safety assessments