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Stab/Ballistic Vests » MAXX-DRI Under Body Armour Garments

CERT Systems is the exclusive NZ distributor of the MAXX-DRI range of temprature and moisture control garments for wearing under body armour.

​These garments are produced by 221B Tactical Limited, a US based company that was established by a serving Police Officer who believed he could create a system to make wearing body armour more bearable - especially in high heat / humidity climates. They have been designed to enhance comfort and reduce the negative impacts of wearing body armour, such as overheating, skin irritations, body odour etc. ​The MAXX-DRI 2.0 vests additionally provide a cushioning effect to reduce the feeling of your body armour weighing you down.

​These vests have been tested and worn operationally in high heat conditions and the feedback / testimonials from wearers is extremely positive. If you wear body armour, then you should consider also wearing MAXX-DRI vests and compression shirts for your comfort and wellbeing.



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