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Stab/Ballistic Vests » Bullet Resistant Vests

PPSS Group's ballistic body armour is now certified to the new NIJ Std 0101.06.

The Level IIIA Bullet Resistant Vests also offer protection from full contact shots, which form a fundamental part of the infamously stringent German Police as well as FBI Body Armor Test Protocol.

The advanced design has been successfully tested against a general issue TASER® device, which was recently conducted in a realistic operational setting - with a no effect on the wearer. The wearer was not incapacitated by the Taser discharge nor suffered any effects of the device. 

The hybrid ballistic package has been created using a highly advanced new ultra-resilient European ballistic material, an integrated solution that combines high ballistic performance with a high level of comfort, improved flexibility, and substantially reduced Back Face Deformation (BFD).

A NIJ Std 0101.06 tested and certified body armour ultimately means increased protection for the wearer. It means reassurance and peace of mind knowing that a body armour is based on the very latest design and manufacturing capabilities and technologies.


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